Benjamin Le Forestier

Python developer, linux admin

Paris, France

Coding projects

A Python library for writing HTML in a Pythonic way.
It's more readable, more concise and more flexible than a templating language.
It can render HTML forms, with default values and error messages.

If you're tired of closing HTML tags, try Yattag. You won't need to close a HTML tag ever again.
A parental control software for Windows I wrote entirely in Python.
The software can be used to fight computer addiction, including your own!
You can set limits on the computer usage and make them unmodifiable (even by the password owner, or by the computer administrator) until a date of your choice.

Horaire PC was my first python project. It's in French but the interface is so intuitive you can use it regardless of your native language.
A Javascript library for creating little graphics that display energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in web pages.
A real estate portal allowing the creation of a real estate website in a few clics.

Real estate agents can record properties for sale or to rent in a very quick and intuitive way. They can then choose to have the properties appear simultaneously on their own site and on the main portal.

The project uses a LNMP stack (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, Python).